Debutante Cotillion

Chairman: Marguerite Peebles

Alpha Zeta Omega Chapter annually sponsors a Debutante Cotillion Program to provide activities and opportunities which will assist in empowering young ladies to be successful, especially during their transition from high school to post-secondary education.

The program objectives are to:

  • Provide an opportunity to earn money to be used as financial aid toward the debutantes’ post-secondary education
  • Encourage participation in workshops geared towards skill enhancement, confidence building and knowledge acquisition
  • Provide service projects to develop the talents and skills of the debutantes, therefore allowing those skills to be transferred to the community and to realize the impact their contributions may have on those served
  • Introduce debutantes to various art forms by attending cultural events
  • Enable the debutantes to build lasting friendships with other young ladies
  • Introduce young ladies into society which culminates with an elegant and memorable Debutante Cotillion Ball