While this year’s summer camp has come to an end, the children are leaving with experiences and lessons that they will treasure for life!

At the AKA Summer Camp, we ensure the children have fun but also learn something in the process.

To promote technology and creative arts, the students enjoyed a “Make Your Own Emoji” activity.

For health promotion, the students participated in an amazing Kickboxing activity presented by United Thai Boxing. As you can see, the kids loved the activity and got a great workout at the same time.

Environmental ownership is an initiative very important to Alpha Kappa Alpha. We did a hands-on Planting Activity with the summer campers where they planted vegetables and flowers. Each camper was given flower pots, soil and a plant (either vegetable or flower). The campers observed the plants each day to see if they needed watering and on the last day of camp, the campers carried their plants home.

Global Impact is also an Alpha Kappa Alpha initiative. We provided the students with a taste of French culture by teaching them songs in French. They really loved this activity and continued to speak the French that they learned for the rest of the day.

Childhood hunger and family strengthening are also initiatives dear to Alpha Kappa Alpha. Our students received lunch every day, but we also had an activity where we discussed issues regarding poverty and let them know that there are children and families who are food insecure. The students had a great deal of empathy. We followed this discussion with a service project where the students were able to make 100 bag lunches to be donated to the Urban Ministries of Durham. They even wrote little inspirational messages on the lunch bags. Being able to help those in need really made the students feel good.

The summer campers enjoyed a little more fun in the kitchen with a Cooking Craft workshop where they decorated cupcakes.

Bullying is a major area of concern in the schools, so the children had a workshop where they learned how to deal with a bully and also received personalized certificates because of their pledge not to bully anyone.

The summer camps also did lots of other fun things like play games, watch movies, read, journal, and dance.

Finally, cultural awareness is important, so the students enjoyed two field trips to the Marble Museum and the UNC Planetarium!

All of this in 9 days! The students had a blast and so did we. See you all next year!